Working with PCM

Business are coming back. Whether you are picking up where you left off, or transforming your business, getting the word out with the right message on the right platforms to the right people is still crucial.

Stage 1:

Start with a Brand Check-Up

A comprehensive evaluation of your Digital Presence (branding, web, and social content strategies ). We’ll find out what’s working what you need to do better, and identify opportunities

We’ll submit a soup-to-nuts plan for your Digital Transformation based on where you are now, where you want to be, and what new business and creative opportunities may await you that will include:

• The current state of your brand

• A clearly defined mission, messaging and target audience

• Immediate benefits refreshing your brand

• Recommendations for your online presence: website, social media and more 

• Deliverables/actionable items you can start implementing today

You can then choose to continue working with us or implement the plan yourself. If you decide to hire us, the cost of the Brand Check-up will be applied to the next phase.

Not sure if a Brand Rehearsal is right for you?
Schedule a 15 minute “fit call to discuss.

Introductory Fee: $767

Stage 2:
Move on to one of our Branding Campaigns

At this point, you can take the Campaign in-house or continue working with our team of experts to bring it to completion.