Nu Interiors

Content Strategy for an Urban/Suburban Designer

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Nu Interiors, an Interior Design firm, was founded by Nureed Saeed, a transplanted New Yorker who moved to the suburbs from New York City.  After dealing with the culture shock of transitioning from Urban to the Suburban, she started offering her services as an “Urban/Suburban” consultant, sharing her experience and design tips with those now making the journey from the city.

Nureed has a blog where she shares her experiences in making the transition from the Urban to the Suburban. Social Media content, mostly on Facebook and Instagram, highlights local businesses and attractions, and the improved  “quality of life” in her new environment. Becoming a local celebrity has helped her establish and grow her Interior Design business.

Social Media content, on Facebook and Instagram, content focused on information on making the transition from urban to suburban, while also highlighting local businesses and attractions, all speaking to “quality of life” issues.