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Smash ROI for Local Classic Film Fest

In partnership with the local AMC Theatre, the West Orange Arts Society honors Thomas Edison with a yearly Classic Film Festival held over 8 Sundays in January and February. To promote the festival, we created a digital campaign that blended Social Media and Email that generated record sales with a 60% growth in the number of sold-out performances, driving an increase in revenue and new memberships and revenue.

Eight Films, Eight Social Media Campaigns

We created separate content for each film featuring stills, film clips, film trivia, and little-known behind-the-scenes facts while sending bi-weekly email blasts to promote last-minute ticket sales.

North by North West

West Side Story

Quotes, Quotes, and More Quotes

Casablanca is the most quotable film in movie history, so we took advantage of the fact and created the campaign for this film entirely based on the seemingly limitless memorable lines. Real film buffs will recognize them, newbiew will have something to look forward to when they attend the showing. The white on black text also played into the fil’s “Noir” aesthetic