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matt & meera
Matt & Meera
American classics reimagined with the flavors and ingredients of India. We shot “Taste Tests” videos comparing traditional burgers and pizza to M&M’s versions; other posts positioned M&M as an active part of the Hoboken Community, making M&M a local fav inside of three months. See More »
South Orange Rehabilitation and Wellness
The Doctors at SORWell are all certified in Sports Medicine. Social Media content points out how “sports” injuries happen in real life and how SORW patients get the same care level as pro athletes.  See More»
West Orange Classic Film Festival
The hyper-focused, Movie Trivia based local campaign on Facebook/and Instagram, with Email blasts, resulted in a 62% increase in sold-out performances. See More»
Jobbuh lets job hunters get the inside scoop on what it’s like to work for a company from current employees. Content was humorous, and professional, inviting the audience to join the network. The result was a growing following on Facebook, Twitter, and an Email, bringing in more members and reviews. See More »
Tavit’s Dry Cleaning Presentation of Concepts
Tavit’s provides a No-Contact, Pick-Up and Delivery Dry Cleaning Service that uses an environmentally friendly “Wet/Dry” process without chemicals common to Traditional Dry Cleaning. Note these comps contain greeking. See More »
Nu Interiors
Interior Designer Nureed Saeed,  aka “The Urban Suburban,” guides families transitioning from the city to the suburbs by highlighting local businesses, cultural attractions, and extolling the quality of life in Suburbia. See More »

Words and Pictures—Books and Articles

You Oughta Be In Business.
The Practical Guide for the Self-Employed

Be the CEO of You! Who needs another business book written by a downsized corporate executive with a golden parachute, seed money, and a ticket to the old boys’ network? This book is for those of us who start with a dream, a laptop, and a mild sense of desperation. I share my knowledge and experiences on dealing with the challenges and absurdities facing the budding, and in some cases, aging entrepreneurs. Read Excerpt PDF »



 Bad Girls, Good Business: The Sins of Social Media
No one wants to be a social media pariah! Whether you were born in the days of manual typewriters or you only watch TV on your iPhone, this is the ultimate guide to social media etiquette. It explores the differences between digital natives and digital immigrants and offers useful and practical tips. By Nancy Shenker, Design by Michael Pilla. Download Your Free Copy >>


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