Twitter Bowl


We had two weeks of pre-game hype about loose balls (the Pats deflategate) and tight lips (Marshawn Lynch), 20 hours of the usual game day programming followed by THE GAME, and finally three days of hand wringing over “the worst call ever.”

But before we put Super Bowl XLIX in the rear view mirror, let’s take a look at that most reliable barometer of the cultural landscape — the twitter sphere.

Twitter gives tweeters everywhere the opportunity to take an active part in any live event, sharing comments, information, hopes, dreams and attitude 140 characters at a time…and there is no live event more twitter-worthy than the NFL Championship Game (its real name).

This year’s Super Bowl was a record setter, generated over 24.9 million tweets, the most popular moments being:

284,000 tweets about the half time show. It opened with Katy Perry entering on a mechanical Lion and got weirder from there with sharks and beach balls dancing and prancing — so there was a lot to tweet about.

395,000 tweets about “The Interception” and the fact that the Seahawks passed the ball despite having a running back nicknamed “Beast Mode”. The video of New England’s QB Tom Brady jumping up and down like a 10-year old is priceless

379,000 tweets about the end of the game and the crowning of the Pats as this year’s Champs.

Superbowl Ads

With the low score, most of the first half attention went to the commercials which featured Walter White, Katie and Bryant, Liam Neeson, countless movie trailers and a bag of Doritos. The most popular was the Budweiser Puppy Ad — who doesn’t love a “lost dog finds its way home and scares off a wolf with the help of four incredibly large horsie buddies” story? The least popular was the Nationwide “Dead Kid” Ad wherein the ghost of a deceased boy takes you through all the life events he’s missed since he’s been gone, including, presumably, this ad. Creepy and depressing.

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Mein Coke
Most interestingly, Coke’s twitter campaign about turning the internet into a happy place was somehow co-opted into retweeting a few feel good lines from Hitler’s Mein Kampf
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What’s with Anna Kendrick
While researching this post I came across quite a few articles about the wit and wisdom of Anna Kendrick’s tweets, that they are “just the funniest.” She’s a fine actor, and can currently be seen in the movie version of Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods, but the comedic voice of her generation!? Humor is subjective, but I have found that if you have to point out how funny something is…well, judge for yourself…
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