Social Media Grown-Ups



You know how you can tell that Social Media is maturing?

Just look at the growing importance of paid media, especially Facebook Ads. With them, Facebook has become more of an effective business platform and less a haven for pet lovers and disgruntled political activist.

I’ve always advised my clients to “Go hunting where the ducks are” and with over 1 billion users Facebook is the largest digital duck pond out there. Facebook Ads provide a targeted, economical way to advertise to this immense and diverse universe.

Facebook Ads come in two varieties:

Boosted Posts which act like regular posts. Set your own daily budget and you can reach a highly targeted audience.

Promoted Ads which work pretty much the same way, with the addition of a number of placement options and “Objectives” or “Calls to Action”—you can drive traffic to your website, encourage downloads of your app, collect email addresses and more.

Facebook Ads have three advantages:

They Are Targeted

Facebook Ads allows you to create targeted audiences in a in a number of ways

By Geographic Location—Especially useful if you have a local brick-n-mortar store, like a restaurant, and want to draw traffic from the surrounding area.

By Interests — Facebook provides you with a long list of interests, everything from Physical Therapy to Gardening to Sports and Social Issues—all taken from Facebook keywords found in Facebook profiles.

You can also create highly targeted “Look Alike” and “Custom Audiences” made of people who are similar to your existing customers. The point is that FB makes it as easy as possible to reach the people you want to/need to.

They Are Economical

You can set a budget as small as $2 a day — ($10 a day is usually a good place to start. You can modify the amount and frequency as needed.

They are Measurable

As with everything  digital, you also get detailed analytics about how your ads are performing. You can track engagements any number of ways — clicks, comments, shares, and likes.

They also may take some getting used to.

Every industry, every business, every campaign for that matter, are things unto themselves.There are very few standards or guarantees. On the other hand, the low cost of entry means you can test a number of options to find what works best for you.

As with all Social Media Marketing, you need to define success (Return On investment) beyond sales. Likes, shares, comments, and other responses to calls for action such as email addresses, website visits, downloaded apps or documents can be more important since they are all part of building ongoing relationships with a loyal customer base.

So get in on the fun! For more information about getting started see — Why You Should Advertise On Facebook Now or contact me at

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