Pilla_45Michael Pilla: Founder, Creative Director, Head Guy

First, it is no longer enough tell consumers why your product or service is better than the countless others they have to choose from. They also need to relate to your company on an emotional level, to know that you understand their needs and they you see them as more than just another line item on your P&L statement.

Second, the Internet is the great equalizer, allowing small business marketing to have the same level of quality and creativity as their larger counterparts. With its global scope, unlimited space and low-cost of entry, no niche is too small or out of reach, allowing small businesses to flourish as never before.

As a designer, writer, educator and entrepreneur, Michael Pilla has built a career on achieving business objectives through the strategic use of art and technology.

He has held creative leadership positions with the Sponsorship Group at iVillage.com and ModemMedia, overseeing the creation of interactive advertising for Fortune 100 companies including Clinique, Ford, IBM, GE and UBS. He founded Pilla Creative Marketing in 2003, to raise the quality and creativity of digital marketing for small business.

A sought-after speaker and writer on Internet Marketing issues, Michael has been quoted in the New York Times and by Joe Connolly on the Wall Street Journal Small Business Report on CBS Radio . He has also spoken at events for the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, the Arts and Business Council of New York, Westchester Business Council, and the Yonkers Partners in Education.

He has also taught internet and design courses at Pratt Institute, Pace University and Mercy College.